BookwormLab Review 2023 ☑ Top fresh facts you need to know ➥️ (2023)

Service features

Service rating 2.9
Prices from $15
Discount from 9%
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy no
Revision Policy yes

About BookwormLab

Writing essays often turns out to be incredibly complicated. You need to do the advanced research, choose the most relevant facts, create an outline, and compose a perfectly-structured academic paper to get it done before the deadline. If you are tired of all this or just want to buy any type of assignment, BookwormLab is ready to help. According to the company’s website, it offers premium academic writing solutions to all customers within the shortest terms. But is BookwormLab worth it? Is it possible to find out any BookwormLab discount code to get the best price for your essay? I tried using the service and would like to share my experience with other students.

I also want to point out that BookwormLab owns the site, and most of the team members are based in the US and Canada. I did not find an exact registration date, but the first mention of the company on the Internet dates back to 2017. By the way, the company's support agents may be located somewhere in Eastern Europe. At least that's what a lot of people on Reddit say.

Bookwormlab types of services review:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Thesis writing
  • Dissertation
  • Book reports
  • Assignments
  • Book reviews
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Research proposals
  • Movie reviews
  • Resume
  • College writing
  • Courseworks
  • Capstone writing
BookwormLab Review 2023 ☑ Top fresh facts you need to know ➥️ (1)

The first thing that worth your attention when choosing an academic writing solution is the company’s official website. As for BookwormLab’s site, it looked very professional and welcoming. I found all the necessary info about placing the order and the pricing, as well as explored some essay samples available. BookwormLab gets five stars for its website. But what about the reviews of other students? Is this service reliable?

Bookwormlab & Online Reputation

So what about the reviews of other students? Is this service reliable? I decided to check all the reviews online and was surprised. Many people speak positively about the quality of papers, prices, and other aspects. At the same time, I found those people who were disappointed in this company. So I want to ask a question like, “What is wrong with this company? Why don't all people like them?” That is why I decided that I needed to order paper and search for more info.

BookwormLab Review 2023 ☑ Top fresh facts you need to know ➥️ (2)

To get the answers to these questions, I decided to look for more info on the independent feedback sites. SiteJabber is one of my favorites for these purposes. If you take a look at BookwormLab reviews on this site, you will notice that the feedback shared by other students using the service is very controversial.

BookwormLab Review 2023 ☑ Top fresh facts you need to know ➥️ (3)

I found out that around 30% of the BookwormLabs customers were not satisfied with the company’s quality of services. Therefore, the solution’s rating appeared to be not impressive. However, there were still many students who found the writing site to be extremely helpful. That is why I decided to take a risk and place the order to get my essay done.

Found out more info about the quality of papers, prices, and discounts in this BookwormLab review below.


1Customer-friendly website

1Many negative reviews shared by BookwormLab clients

2Understandable pricing

2The average quality of papers

3No hidden payments

3Prices are higher than those of competitors


1Customer-friendly website

2Understandable pricing

3No hidden payments


1Many negative reviews shared by BookwormLab clients

2The average quality of paper

3Prices are higher than those of competitors

Bookwormlab Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

According to the info available on the company’s official website, you can order various types of academic assignments for different academic levels, including:

  • High school
  • Undergraduate
  • Master’s
  • PhD

The prices for academic assignments significantly vary. The cost for your essay depends on the type of assignment, difficulty level, and deadline. By the way, the most urgent deadline you can choose to get your paper done is three hours. However, I can hardly believe it is possible to write a perfect essay within such a short period of time.

You can find out the price for your essay in a handy table available on the Pricing page.

BookwormLab Review 2023 ☑ Top fresh facts you need to know ➥️ (4)

It is also worth mentioning that all new customers receive a welcoming BookwormLab coupon code for their first order. However, the price for your essay will still remain high even after using a promo code.

Bookwormlab Pricing Review:

Academic Level:3 Hours Deadline Price:
High School Essay$30
Undergraduate (1-2 years) Essay$36
Undergraduate (3-4 years) Essay$40
Master's Essay$48
PhD Essay$55

As for the regular customers, they can benefit from using the service, too. You will get 15% rewards credits for every next order. This simple trick should encourage customers to place more orders.

BookwormLab Review 2023 ☑ Top fresh facts you need to know ➥️ (5)

How to Make an Order at Bookwormlab

The ordering process is quite simple, so I'm unlikely to bore you by creating detailed instructions for my review. Start by choosing your academic level, paper type, and deadlines. You also have to add the number of pages, all your requirements, and select extra options. By the way, the site offers students to choose their preferred writer and get a discount thanks to the automatic activation of the coupon.

Is BookwormLab Worth It

As I’ve mentioned above, I decided to get my college essay on Business done with this writing service. However, placing the order appeared to be a true challenge. When I clicked the Order button, I found out that the necessary web page was closed for maintenance!

BookwormLab Review 2023 ☑ Top fresh facts you need to know ➥️ (6)

Therefore, I was forced to place an order with the help of the support manager in the online chat that appeared to be incredibly inconvenient.

Fortunately, my essay was delivered on time. In short, it was the only positive moment. The thing is, I ordered a 2-page essay on Music and asked the writer to focus on Jazz history. Moreover, I indicated that I wanted to see an analysis of the first famous jazz guitarists from New York and their impact on the global music industry. The writer only casually mentioned the musicians and concentrated on key terms.

As a result, I didn’t get the paper that I expected. That is why I asked for a revision. To put it short, it didn’t help. I was forced to wait for an extra three days but received a paper with minor changes only. The essay still required tons of improvement.

To put it short, it didn’t help. I was forced to wait for an extra three days but received a paper with minor changes only. The essay still required tons of improvement.

Bookwormlab Features

Unfortunately, this company does not have any strong advantages over competitors. The only positive thing is the free plagiarism report and free paper samples. I wanted to mention the auto option. It is automatically activated on the first order, but the final price is the same as the one on the "pricing" page.

Terms of Use

According to the BookwormLab policy, the customers have ten days to ask for a revision after receiving a paper. As for the papers that exceed 20 pages, it is possible to ask for a revision within 20 days.

The money-back policy of the service is standard. You can get 100% of your money back if you accidentally paid for your order twice or in case the service fails to find a writer to complete your assignment. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your essay, you can ask for a refund and provide proof of the paper’s low quality. This way, the support manager will decide the sum of money you can get back.


The customer support of the Bookwormlab service was very welcoming and professional. The manager helped me to place an order because the corresponding page on the website was unavailable. In general, these guys were quite polite. By the way, you can use the hotline or email to contact support agents and discuss the details. These guys respond quickly and seem to know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, they don't write papers; otherwise, I wouldn't be so angry.

Final Thoughts

BookwormLab is an academic writing service of average quality. Although my essay was delivered on time, it still required making too many modifications. Moreover, revision appeared to be useless in my case.

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Using the service is safe if you buy non-urgent papers. However, the quality might significantly drop if you order an essay with a 3-hour or 6-hour deadline.

It is a legit academic writing site. But the quality of essays delivered by BookwormLab is not perfect.

I wouldn't say I liked the phantom automatic discount at checkout. The fact is that the price after the discount is the same as on the page with fixed prices.

No, I don't think this is a trustworthy site. Perhaps you should find a more reliable company and not waste your time.

No, this is an unreliable writing service. My writer didn't read all the paper requirements carefully, so you'd better play it safe.

I would not say that the price per page is very high. At the same time, many companies offer lower prices.


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