42 Fun Workplace Event Ideas to Celebrate at the Office (2023)

When was the last time your company threw a social event that wasn't just another "happy hour." In other words, is your business making efforts to cultivate a dynamic social environment?

A diverse calendar of social events is critical if you want to support employee engagement and build an environment of camaraderie, and connection.

Inspiration & ideas for employee events

Of course, coming up with exciting ideas for social events is the hardest part. And we are here to help!

We've scanned the internet and found a year's worth of events, work-related holidays, and event ideas. These ideas will help you create a dynamic social event42 Fun Workplace Event Ideas to Celebrate at the Office (1) calendar.

That said, in this list, we've included all types of events -- from big to small.

For example, events like "fun at work day" or "random act of kindness" day give your company flexibility, so you can decide exactly how you want to celebrate. And other quirky days like "national ice cream day" and "national pizza day" give you an excuse to treat your teams.

Hopefully, this list will help stimulate your imagination and help kick off your social calendar on the right foot.

42 Fun Workplace Event Ideas to Celebrate at the Office (2)

42 Fun Workplace Event Ideas to Celebrate at the Office (3)42 Fun Appreciation Holidays and Events to Celebrate at the Office


National Trivia Day - Jan. 4

Celebrate National Trivia Day by hosting a trivia event within your company! Take your event a step further and by giving away small prizes for winning teams.

Thank Your Mentor Day - Jan. 25

Take this day to thank your mentors at work. Ask yourself who helped you to become the professional individual you are now and show them how grateful you are for it!

Sweatpants Day - Jan. 21

The modern work dress code is already so casual, Sweatpants day is the modern version of casual Fridays. Encourage employees to come to work in their most relaxed attire. Create a little friendly competition and give prizes away for the best laid-back look.

Fun At Work Day – Jan. 28

Allow yourself and your team to have some fun at the office for this special occasion. Better still, share the fun on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, and tag Applauz Recognition!

Better Business Communication Day – Jan. 28

Celebrated on the fourth Monday of January, Better Business Communication Day is an occasion to highlight the importance of communication at work. Have a town hall, launch a conversation at the watercooler, do what you want but keep the communication flow going!


National Pizza Day – Feb. 9

The work pizza party is so common, it has become a bit cliche. But these events are popular for good reason -- everyone loves pizza. On national pizza day, you'll have the perfect excuse to treat your teams to a good slice.

Random Act of Kindness Day – Feb. 17

Try a little tenderness… as the song goes. Celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day by offering your colleague their favourite snack, or by helping them complete a task. It’s that simple to make someone’s day!

Be Humble Day – Feb. 22

However proud you are of your achievements, remember you’ve not attained them all by yourself. On Be Humble Day, focus on humbling yourself. Start by restraining yourself from bragging about the fact that you’re celebrating Be Humble Day!


World Engineers Day - March 4th

The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development was launched by UNESCO at its 40th General Conference in 2019. So if your business employs engineers or if your company is in the engineering field, make sure to celebrate all your talented engineers on March 4th!

Employee Appreciation Day – March 6 (first Friday of March)

Celebrated the first Friday of March, Employee Appreciation Day is the best occasion to show employees you appreciate their work and their contributions to your company. The same goes for employees, who should take this opportunity to celebrate with their coworkers.

International Women Day – March 8

If women’s day should technically be celebrated every day, it’s a good reminder of what remains to be accomplished in terms of gender equality at work. Like the fact that Canadian women make only 87 cents for every dollar that men earn. Take the time to celebrate all the women who make the workplace a better place!

International Day of Happiness – March 20

Celebrated since 2013 in 193 UN Member states, the International Day of Happiness recognizes the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human goal. So let’s make happiness at work happen, too.


Walk to Work Day - April 2

Kick-off a health and wellness initiative and encourage employees to walk to work. Of course, this might not be feasible for all, so the option to bike to work on the table as well. Create a little friendly competition and offer prizes for those who complete the challenge!

International Fun at Work Day – April 1

It’s also April Fool’s Day! Originally called National Fun at Work Day, International Fun at Work Day was created in 1996 to revitalize fun in the workplace. It’s all about having fun at the office, so turn up the volume of the music, play games or plan an office field trip!

World Health Day – April 7

A global health awareness day sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Health Day was created in 1950 to draw attention to global health. Both mental or physical health is extremely important, and that’s something companies have highlighted over the years. What better than World Health Day to plan a healthy lunch or a gym session at the office?

Administrative Professionals Day – April 24

Observed in countries like the US, Canada or Australia, Administrative Professionals Day recognizes the work and dedication of secretaries, receptionists and administrative assistants, without whom the office would definitely not be the same.


Mental Health Awareness Month - (all of May)

Mental health is just as important as one's physical health. Plan fun activities to bring awareness and prioritize mental health like taking an afternoon off to go on a team hike or hosting an expert panel on important mental health topics.

Executive Coaching Day – May 1

Many aspiring leaders resort to executive coaches to help them become the fulfilled leaders they want to be. Celebrate Executive Coaching Day by thanking the executive coaches you’ve worked with!

National Nurses Day - May 12

If you work in the health care industry this date should be saved in your calendar. Plan a special celebration or write a letter of appreciation for your hard-working nurses and support staff.

National Receptionist Day – May 13 (second Wednesday of May)

First launched in 1991 in the US, National Receptionist Day was created to foster a recognition of the importance of receptionists at the office. It’s the perfect occasion to celebrate the work and contributions of receptionists who participate in the success of your company every single day.

National Employee Health & Fitness Day – May 20 (third Wednesday of May)

Staying fit and healthy starts at the office! National Employee Health & Fitness Day is the perfect day to plan healthy snacks and activities and to remind all employees of the importance of health and exercise. Did you know that a British study revealed that more than 50% of employees attributed their weight gain to sitting at their desks all day long? Celebrate this occasion by taking a walk or organizing a fitness session right at the office!


Pride Month - (all of June)

June is Pride Month when the world's LGBTQ communities come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. Celebrating Pride is a key step in taking action to build a more inclusive workplace where everyone feels accepted.

Say Something Nice Day - June 1

Say Something Nice Day is an occasion to say the nice things we too often think but don’t dare to say out loud. Celebrate it by congratulating a coworker on their work, tell your colleagues why you appreciate them, etc.

World Environment Day – June 5

Launched in 1974 by the United Nations, World Environment Day’s purpose is to raise awareness on environmental issues. Make it a special day at the office by reminding co-workers of the importance of recycling or coming to work by bus instead of taking your car.

Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 21

Created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, Take Your Dog to Work Day is a great way to encourage workplaces to allow dogs. And if you want to celebrate it at the office, you know what you gotta do!


National Ice Cream Day – July 19 (third Sunday of July)

Launched in the 1980s in the U.S., National Ice Cream Day is the perfect occasion to bring a taste of summer into the office. Take your employees out for ice cream and spend a memorable moment with your team!

System Administration Appreciation Day – July 26

Also known as Sysadmin Day, System Administration Appreciation Day was created in 1999 by system administrator Ted Ketakos. This day is specifically dedicated to those who keep our businesses up and running: our awesome, life-saving sysadmins! Celebrate this particular day by telling them how grateful you are to have them by your side, or even plan an office party for them!

International Friendship Day – July 30

In April 2011, the United Nations declared July 30 as International Friendship Day. And since many friendships are born in the office, it’s essential to celebrate this special event at work. Take the time to celebrate with your friends at work for they definitely make the office a better place.


National Tell a Joke Day – Aug. 6

National Tell a Joke Day is another reason to celebrate fun at the office. Tell a funny joke and make your coworkers laugh!

Friendship Day U.S: – Aug. 9 (second Sunday of August)

If you live in the U.S., you celebrate Friendship on the Second Sunday of August. But don’t wait for the weekend to tell your coworkers what they mean to you!

National Relaxation Day – Aug. 15

National Relaxation Day was suggested by nine-year-old Sean Moellers back in 1985. Celebrate this day by taking some time at the office to relax, maybe go out for a walk with your colleagues if it’s a sunny summer day…


Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day – Sept. 1

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day celebrates the employees who ensure your building safety. Celebrate it by telling them how much you appreciate their work. And why not offering them a nice gift for the occasion?

Labor Day – Sept. 3

Both a celebration of the American worker and an unofficial goodbye to summer, Labor Day was first launched in New York in 1882 with a picnic and a parade. An official holiday, it’s paradoxically celebrating the importance of work and workers in our society!

Working Parents Day – Sept. 16

Working Parents Day is the day you can celebrate your hard-working coworkers and friends who are also parents. It’s a good occasion to take them out for lunch and pamper them all day!


National Coffee Day - Oct. 1

Who doesn't love a fresh cup of coffee? National coffee day is the perfect day to treat your teams to a specialty drink.

Techies Day – Oct. 3

First established in 1998 by techies.com, Techies Day was created to celebrate all the people who contribute to technological progress. At the office, Techies Day is a great opportunity to thank those who fix your computer bugs on a regular basis! And why not taking this day to learn a new application of software and reveal the Techie in you?

National Boss Day – Oct. 16

National Boss Day is the best day to officially thank your boss for their input and help. Celebrate this day by sending them a note or appreciating what they’ve done for you throughout the years.

Make a Difference Day – Oct. 28

Created in 1992, Make a Difference Day has since inspired people to give back to their community. Celebrate this day by giving some of your time to a cause dear to your heart.


National Stress Awareness Day – Nov. 4 (first Wednesday of November)

Work can be stressful sometimes. National Stress Awareness Day is here to remind us it’s essential to remove stress from your life, especially at work. Celebrate this day by analyzing the factors of your stress at work and launch an open discussion with your supervisors to avoid stressful situations in the future.

International Accountant Day – Nov. 10

What would businesses do without their awesome accountants? Celebrate International Accountant Day by thanking your accounting team, praising its members and inviting them for a team lunch.

International Computer Security Day – Nov. 30

Since 1988, Computer Security Day celebrates the importance of cybersecurity in a world where most of our essential information is only virtually saved. So why not take the opportunity to change your passwords at work and make sure your antiviruses are up-to-date?


International Volunteer Day– Dec. 5

Now that more and more companies offer their employees charity days, “I’m working all the time” is no longer an excuse to postpone volunteering. Dating back to 1985, International Volunteer Day is the perfect occasion to give some of your time to volunteer for a cause. You can also celebrate this day by volunteering at the office (cleaning the fridge, cooking for the office, etc.) There is no shortage of opportunities!

National Thank You Day – Dec. 26

A day after Christmas, National Thank You Day is the perfect time to thank your family, friends and colleagues who bring you joy or help you achieve your goals. Celebrate it at the office by giving a personal card, or buying muffins to the people you’d like to thank.

New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31

Celebrating the last day of the year and the beginning of a new one, New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to review past year's achievements and take on new resolutions. That could mean drinking less coffee at the office, interacting more often with your colleagues and managers, acquiring a new skill, etc.


42 Fun Workplace Event Ideas to Celebrate at the Office? ›

The main purpose of an office building is to provide a working environment for primarily administrative and managerial workers. Work spaces within offices are typically used for conventional office activities such as reading, writing, and computer work.

How do you celebrate people in the office? ›

How other companies celebrate their employees‍
  1. A hand-written note or card. ...
  2. A meeting arranged solely to express gratitude.
  3. A company-wide email congratulating the person. ...
  4. A small gift, such as chocolates or baked treats. ...
  5. A shout out on social media. ...
  6. An extra day of paid holiday.

How do you make corporate events fun? ›

Corporate event entertainment ideas your guests will love
  1. Hit the stage with live music. Some ideas never go out of style. ...
  2. Step into a virtual reality. ...
  3. Host a happy hour mixology class. ...
  4. Laugh out loud at a comedy show. ...
  5. Make the moment last forever with a photo booth.
Dec 7, 2022

How can I make my office culture fun? ›

How to create a fun but productive work environment
  1. Trade “forced fun” for organized fun. Your team members are individuals with different personalities and interests. ...
  2. Foster a positive environment. ...
  3. Encourage quick, fun breaks. ...
  4. Share meals. ...
  5. Build rapport. ...
  6. Choose your own adventure. ...
  7. Create challenges and embrace gamification.

What activities take place in offices? ›

The main purpose of an office building is to provide a working environment for primarily administrative and managerial workers. Work spaces within offices are typically used for conventional office activities such as reading, writing, and computer work.

How do you make an event not boring? ›

5 Foolproof Tips to Avoid Boring Your Attendees at Events
  1. Capture the Attention with Originality and Bizarreness. ...
  2. Insert Humor, Visuals and Media. ...
  3. Encourage Attendees to Talk. ...
  4. Give Them Breaks. ...
  5. Invest in Inspiring Refreshments and Goodies.
Feb 4, 2016

How do you make an office party special? ›

18 Ideas for an Unforgettable Office Party
  1. Office Olympics.
  2. DIY Photo Booth.
  3. Gift Exchange.
  4. Pub Quiz.
  5. Scavenger Hunt.
  6. Talent Show.
  7. Games Tournament.
  8. Food Night.
Mar 31, 2023

How do you throw an awesome office party? ›

Some fun ideas include a caption contest, scavenger hunt, or even a trivia game focused on questions about the business and/or the season. Further, a great way to help people get into the party spirit is to have entertainers such as a band, acoustic singer, or a dance group.

How do you celebrate something at work? ›

Nine Ways to Celebrate Achievement
  1. Just say it. A straightforward, face-to-face "well done" is a simple but effective way to celebrate achievement. ...
  2. Share success stories. ...
  3. Pay it forward. ...
  4. Give a gift. ...
  5. Get together socially. ...
  6. Organize a team day out. ...
  7. Offer extra holiday. ...
  8. Set up a hall of fame.

How do I make my corporate event memorable? ›

Creative Ideas to Make Your Next Corporate Event Memorable
  1. Give Your Event an Identity.
  2. Prioritize Guest Experience.
  3. Help Your Guests Interact.
  4. Set the Mood.
  5. Impress Your Guests.
  6. Use the Power of Social Media.
  7. Take Advantage of Innovative Digital Technology.
  8. Find Creative Ideas for a Memorable Corporate Event.
Feb 24, 2023

What makes a company fun to work for? ›

A fun workplace is often a relaxed, supportive work environment. These workplaces often host a variety of formal and informal activities to improve morale. These events help improve morale by reminding employees of their value to their managers, coworkers and the organization as a whole.

How do you attract people in office? ›

Be a happy, positive person.

People are more attracted to individuals who seem to laugh and smile more often. Take time to appreciate the little things at work and when you see coworkers in the morning, make eye contact, smile and greet them by name. Praise the good things they do.

How do you make people happy in office? ›

How To Keep Employees Happy And Productive
  1. Prioritize Work-Life Balance. ...
  2. Allow Flexible Working Schedules. ...
  3. Listen To Your Employees. ...
  4. Create Career Mobility. ...
  5. Build A Positive Work Environment. ...
  6. Recognize Employees For Their Hard Work And Reward Them. ...
  7. Offer Extensive Benefits. ...
  8. Encourage Breaks.

How do I host an interactive event? ›

8 Best Practices for Hosting a Virtual Event
  1. Choose Your Event Goals. ...
  2. Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform. ...
  3. Promote Your Event Like a Pro. ...
  4. Choose Innovative Networking Features. ...
  5. Host Live Webinars & Keynotes. ...
  6. Upload Evergreen Content. ...
  7. Gamify Your Event. ...
  8. Debrief Using Post-Event Analytics & Surveys.
Apr 5, 2023


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